Joy G. Wolfe, MD

Auden Leyva, LMT

Dr. Joy G. Wolfe is a Board Certified, Family Medicine Physician specializing in essentially all aspects off the diverse field of family practice. After finishing a degree in Microbiology at Arizona State University, she went on to achieve her doctorate of medicine at the University of Arizona, Tucson in 1992 (she was truly a house divided). 

A three year residency training program in the speciality of Family Medicine was completed at Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Center in downtown Phoenix (now known as Banner University Medical Center Phoenix). In her third year of training, she served as Chief Resident. In addition, she was awarded "Resident of the Year" at graduation by both the office and hospital based nursing staff. 

During her first year after residency, Dr. Wolfe was employed by Cigna at the C.J. Harris staff model facility in Tempe. She gained invaluable knowledge and insight into the inner workings and organization of the managed care delivery of health care. At the conclusion of that year, she opted to explore the challenges of private practice. Ahwatukee has provided an amazing and welcoming community over the last 21 years, unparalleled in almost any other local neighborhood. She has remained here, living and raising her children in the same area in which she practices, thus fulfilling her personal definition and ideal of a "family doctor."

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